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Event Date:Friday, September 21, 2018
Event Type:Wedding
Venue:The smith barn

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The only way we can continue to grow is by understanding our clients - past, present, and future. We would appreciate if you took a few moments to tell us a few things about your TSG Experience.

Were you pleased with our services at your wedding? What were some of the things you really liked about working with us, or things you were not so pleased with.

Before you hired TSG, how many other DJ companies did you speak with? (And if you are comfortable saying - do you happen to remember which ones?)

In your opinion, what made TSG stand out? Why did you select us over the other companies?

How important is choosing the right DJ? What would you tell a future couple looking to hire a DJ for their wedding?

Did you have up lighting? If so, how much of an impact do you think it made in the overall atmosphere?

Where did TSG fall with our pricing? Were we the least expensive? Most expensive? Somewhere in the middle? and how did our pricing compare to our competition?

If we were not the least expensive, what made you hire us even though it required a larger investment?

Have you seen our website? What did you think of it? (

When you were planning your wedding day, what was the thing you worried most about?
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